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Efficient Payment Service 4bill

4bill is a payment system for websites, mobile applications
and online services. We provide all the payment
tools necessary to increase your conversion.

Efficient Payment Service 4bill -
Efficient Payment Service 4bill -
Efficient Payment Service 4bill -
Efficient Payment Service 4bill -
Efficient Payment Service 4bill

О сервисе - is a money О сервисе - transfer and payment acceptance service. We offer a ready-made payment solution for any business. We guarantee the О сервисе - growth of successful payments up to О сервисе - 97%.

Focusing on the performance

While you take care of your clients, 4bill takes care of your payments. Every day, we set up, connect and maintain all the infrastructure necessary for your buyers to pay the way they want: promptly, conveniently and safely.

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  • 95%

    average payment conversion
    of our customers.

  • 20+

    tools to work with your payments.

  • 958000

    payments effected via 4bill a day.

Payment solutions
for specific tasks

Regardless of the specific aspects of your business, we will help select the most efficient solution for your needs.

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Submit a request

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Select the connection type

After the contract is signed,
our team will assist you in the technical
integration and set-up of all the processes.

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Accept payments

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from your personal merchant account.

Start accepting payments in a modern way

Connect 4bill

Connection types
Select the functions that meet your needs

Ready-to-use payment module

If your work with the CMS system or website designer, 4bill offers ready-to-use solutions for dozens of systems. Such module is easily integrated into the website and does not require developers’ assistance.

SDK for mobile applications

Owing to the completed libraries, 4bill can be integrated into both iOS and Android mobile applications. Our team will assist in not only integration but also customisation of mobile payments, where necessary.


Full-scale integration with 4bill opens up all online payment opportunities. In this case, you will be able to manage the payment acceptance business logic and select necessary 4bill services on your own. For instance, you can use our payment page or set up host-2-host payment acceptance. Moreover, full-scale integration enables you to order customised payment solutions with an account of your special business needs.


Safe access
to your finances

Necessary payment tools in one platform

Website payments

Accept payments with Visa and Mastercard, by means of electronic wallets, Apply and Google Pay. Payments are effected at the payment page with your brand identity.

Mobile application payments

Integrated payment directly into the application. A user will be able to select payment methods and make purchases without leaving your service or store.


Create invoices and send them to your customers for instant payment for your goods or services.

Payment links

Special links allow selling without a website or application. Payment can be received directly from the messenger or social media.

Payment widget

The fastest way to connect the online payment to your website. The payment page automatically determines the customer’s bank and asks to fill in the minimum fields.

QR payments

Integrate payment details into the QR code. This method can be used both online and offline to accelerate settlements with your customers.

One-click payments

4bill remembers customers’ payment details and stores securely. Owing to this, each next purchase is made with one click, and card details are filled in automatically

Authorisation hold

Hold the payment amount on the customer’s card until the service is provided or the goods are delivered.

Subscription payments

Charge subscription fees. The customer’s card is automatically debited on a regular basis, and you can set up the schedule.

Moto payments

Moto payments enable you to automatically debit money from the customer’s card on a specific date and in a specific amount. This function is perfect for financial service providers.

P2P transfers

Money transfers between natural persons. They are available both by the payee’s card number and the telephone number.

Division of payments

Division of payment enables crediting the debited amount into several bank accounts. It is convenient for settlements with suppliers ad partners.

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