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Credit payments to several payees

Distribute the funds at your discretion owing to payment splitting by 4Bill

Зачисляйте оплаты на несколько получателей -

Payment splitting enables automated distribution of the funds Главная миссия - О нас - received to several accounts at once. For instance, to transfer some of the funds to your contracting parties or partners.

How does it work?


To begin with, a 4Bill user sets up splitting by specifying the number of parts into which the payment has to be split, the payees’ shares and accounts.


If the customer’s payment is successful, the payment will automatically be split based on the parameters set. However, only one amount will be debited from the customer’s card.


The funds paid are credited to the account almost instantly, and the payees are informed of the transaction on their 4Bill personal account.

Detailed reporting and analytics

  • Splitting to up to ten payees
  • Minimum bank fees
  • Simplified accounting

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