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Fast. Comfortable.
In one click.

Simplify repeat purchases by your customers

Connect one-click payment!

After the first successful purchase, will automatically remember

your customer’s card details so that the following payments

go through instantly. It helps turn a regular customer

into a repeat customer.

How does it work?


When making the first purchase at your store or service, the customer fills out payment information, including card number, date, and CVV code.


4bill tokenizes card information and stores it in a secure location. You don't need to store potentially vulnerable data.


For all repeated purchases, the client can select a saved card and make a payment in one click. Nothing else is required.

Additional benefits

Повышение лояльности клиентов -

Increasing customer loyalty

The more straightforward, the more comfortable. Buyers get used to comfort and choose those businesses where it is better.

More Sales

Since the customer only needs to press one button or tap on the screen when making a repeat purchase, you’re much less likely to change their mind at the payment stage.

Appropriate for any business

Services, online stores, apps, mobile games, or shipping – one-click payment is available for any direction and size of business. At the same time, this feature does not require any additional settings on the development side.

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