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Holding or pre-authorizing payments for your customers

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Холдирование - allows holding Главная миссия - О нас - funds on the customer’s account for a certain
period. For instance, while you are checking availability of the product,
the customer is waiting for delivery or provision of your service. holding enables refunds without additional fees and

inspires the customers’ confidence since money is not

debited from the card.

How does it work?


The customer makes a purchase at your store, places an order in the application or books your service. As soon as the user
confirms the payment, the necessary amount on the card is placed on hold, and you receive a message.


As soon as the buyer receives the product or the service, 4Bill automatically debits the amount held from the customer’s card and sends you an invoice.


If the service has not been provided, or the customer has refused from the product, the hold is lifted. At the same time, you do not pay a refund fee and do not draw up extra accounting acts.

Подходит для предоплат -

Suitable for advance payment

Holding funds is perfect for the businesses that need advance payment
for the product or booking. This advance payment guarantees that the 
customer is ready to buy, and the buyer is sure that the funds will not
disappear from his or her card.

Easy refund

The hold can be automatically lifted if, for instance,

the product is not available at the warehouse,

or you cannot provide the service paid for.

Больше платежных возможностей -

More payment opportunities

Different customers prefer different payment methods. Try different

payment mechanics for your business and choose the most effective one.

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