The digital market is undergoing change and transformation everywhere. So, in 2022, according to analysts, 4 trends prevail in the economic sector:

  • Consumers prefer digital payments more and more. For understanding: 95% of respondents make purchases online regularly. And at the same time, more than 50% of respondents are spending much more money in the e-commerce system than during the pandemic.
  • Increasing popularity with such payment methods as BNPL (“Buy now pay later”). This solution is especially useful for sellers, as it automatically increases buyers’ ability to pay and makes it easier for them to make decisions.
  • The so-called social commerce is actively evolving, in other words, online stores that sell goods through social networks. Only in China this sector has grown up to $6 billion within a year. In addition, new sales technologies are already emerging: from video shopping to the use of social tokens.
  • And of course, the introduction of new payment solutions. Already now there is an eclecticism of traditional bank payments and the same e-wallets, between which the difference is no longer so visible. 

In general, we should only expect e-commerce breakthroughs in the future. It is important to optimize work processes in time and correctly so that the business can develop steadily and remain relevant.