Personal account


Consent to personal data processing

I as a personal data subject (hereinafter the “User”), by filling in the fields in the online order (connection order) and ticking the box about permission for processing of my personal data on the website (hereinafter the “Website”) in accordance with Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” No.2297-VI dated 01.06.2010 (hereinafter the “Law”), hereby grant my consent/permission to DIGITAL FINANCE Limited Liability Company, USREOU code: 43241185, address: 46/48 Shovkovychna Street, Kyiv, 01024 (hereinafter the “Company”) to/for the following :

  • processing of my personal data in the following scope: data on the last name, first name and patronymic, e-mail, contact telephone number, company’s name, company’s website, monthly turnover, project data ;
  • use of the personal data, which provides for the Company’s processing actions, including processing of the personal data pursuant to the professional, official or labour duties, protection actions as well as actions to grant a partial or full right to personal data processing to other parties to the relations associated with the personal data ;
  • distribution of the personal data, which provides for the Company’s actions to transfer the individual’s data ;
  • access to third-party personal data, which defines the Company’s actions upon receipt of the third party’s request for personal data access, access of the personal data subject to his/her data.

The purpose of processing of the user’s personal data by the Company is :

  • to analyse the data furnished by the User for the Company to take a decision on provision of the Company’s services ;
  • to offer a full list of the Company’s services ;
  • another purpose consistent with the Law.

The consent has no period of limitation upon dispatch of the order and can be withdrawn at the user’s discretion. In this case, the Company undertakes to delete all the personal information of the User it holds. For this purpose, the User has to send a message requesting to delete his/her personal data in a free format to [email protected]. The User has to specify in the message which data are to be deleted.