Travel agencies

One of the integral components of work of travel agencies is advance booking of tours and tickets. Some firms invite customers to pay for reservation to their office or give details for payment at the bank. However, it is much more convenient to accept payments from customers directly on your website.




Adaptation of the payment platform to the style and design of the travel company website will allow you to achieve two goals: increase conversion and organically introduce payment system to the website. The payment page (to which customers will be redirected) will not be different from the website and will not scare your customers away.


This tool launches a payment system for travel companies on your website and allows you to accept payments from customers with subsequent ability to withdraw funds to a bank card.


The security option helps detect illegal activity on the website in time and prevent fraud. We will preserve your business reputation and will not let compromise your customers.

Personal account

For ease of use, users of the travel agency website can register their personal account to store all information about the client and access all functionality of tourist services payment.

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4bill is a payment service that completes all tasks related to money transfers and payments. We are an integrator of 7 largest banks in Ukraine, which gives us a throughput of payments of 95-97% among online providers in the market. Our own payment system guarantees a cost-effective partnership with e-commerce companies.

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