Educational projects

If you are a founder of training courses, conduct trainings, lectures or seminars, but still do not work on the Internet, 4bill will help your business reach a new level of development. Internet acquiring for educational projects is an opportunity not only to expand your audience, but also to promote your educational program, course or training throughout Ukraine.




You will be able to accept payment for educational courses or trainings on your website within 3-4 days after submitting the application.


Regular monitoring by our experts. 4bill provides comprehensive solution for educational projects and online monitoring of the payment system operation to identify and eliminate problems in time. Our technical support is available to clients 24/7.


Design development in the same style as your website. Using corporate colors, logo and style of your company promotes organic implementation of the payment system on your website.


4bill implements innovative programs of protection of financial information to prevent fraudulent transactions on our clients’ websites. We will protect your website and your reputation against fraudulent activities by third parties.

Personal account

Development of a personal account with a full range of necessary functions will allow your students to easily manage all available tools, including ordering and buying training programs in 2-3 clicks.

About company 4BILL

4bill is a payment service that completes all tasks related to money transfers and payments. We are an integrator of 7 largest banks in Ukraine, which gives us a throughput of payments of 95-97% among online providers in the market. Our own payment system guarantees a cost-effective partnership with e-commerce companies.

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